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Accountability For Life (AFL)

Our Mission Statement
Accountability For Life (AFL) is committed to preparing and mentoring at-risk adolescents for life-long success using an athletics-based platform to educate them on oft-forgotten yet simple, fundamental behaviors, concepts and actions that have the power to define one’s course in life.

Accountability For Life (AFL) mentors at-risk adolescents through a revival of the lost pathway of developing strong, traditional core values that were such a prevalent part of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

We provide coaches, educators and other community-based partners with a character-building resource toolkit aimed at promoting the importance of accountability in all areas of a student-athlete’s life by teaching and modeling the concept of integrity, and requiring ownership of one’s actions.

AFL’s time-tested “old school” approach arms students with the intangible tools they need to succeed in academics, behavioral and life skills, personal growth, benevolence, and leadership—all through the powerful vehicle of sports.


Accountability For Life
Coach Russell Stoner

Assistant Coach Mike Teyral

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